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4 Artists You’ve Never Heard Of But Should Totally Know That Are Kinda Like Katy Perry Except They Sing Live & On Key

A Four-Part Katy Kleasne For Those Hungover From Super Bowl Halftime Half-Assness

By: Michael Korte // @michaelkorteduh

Katy Perry has 64,400,000 Twitter followers. She holds 3 titles in the Guinness Book of World Records. She has sold more than 81 million singles worldwide. She shares the trophy with Michael Jackson for the most consecutive #1 records. Katy Perry is doing something right. Singing live and on key is just not one of them.

In an interview, Perry once described herself as a ‘fatter version of Amy Winehouse’. …Um- somewhere there’s a Grammy winner rolling in her grave right now. Dare I say- they tried to make her go to voice lessons but she said, ‘No, no no’.

There is nothing wrong with Katy Perry as a human being. She’s got 64 zillion fans paying 64 zillion dollars to hear, see, and smell anything she touches. It’s no shock the NFL & NBC would scratch and purr to knab a piece of Perry. And yes, last night’s show was filled with spectacular lighting and costumes and special effects and choreography. Just don’t believe the illusion- Katy Perry did not sing live during the halftime show. She screamed live but she did not sing live.

For goodness sake, it’s 2015, which means it’s essentially 3008 so can we officially declare that lip-synching is so 2000 and late? For the Aretha’s and the Janet’s and Aerosmith’s and all the other gargantuan, genuine talent that have had the honor to grace the halftime holy-land you’d think (or hope) Ms. Perry would want to go out there and give it her best. Her genuine, honest, live best. Joke is on us.

Sure, Lenny Kravitz was sex on fire but Katy was just so damn… Katy. Katastrophic. Kitchy. Kommon.

Hands down, the three minutes of ‘Missy Elliot Mania’ were the best 3 minutes of halftime hoopla since Mrs. Carter took the stage two years ago. Missy Elliot eats Iggy Azalea for breakfast. Still stuntin’ how you love that? We bow down to you, Missy. And, Ms. Elliot, you looked hella skinny. Mad props. Go, get your freak on.

There is some good news in all of this. There are a select few pop princesses’ in training that you’ve most likely never heard of that are #kindalikekaty…except they sing live. And sing well. And they deserve to be on your radar. Some are California girls, some are not. Some of them kiss girls and some of them like it. They all roar. And they are all bound to fulfill your pop music teenage dreams. They are ‘dark horses’ if you will. If Katy Perry got Kelly Clarkson lung implants these 4 women would be the result. Comprende?
Meet these 4 phenomenal women below:

#kindalikekaty Artist #1: Celeste Stoney
Must Hear Track: My Kinda Crazy

Celeste Stoney is the love child of Pink, Chaka Khan and Adam Lambert. She’s got soul and pipes and crazy lung power and sass for days. The once American Idol contestant is destined to carve a memorable imprint in the pop music landscape. Girl can blow.





HUNNYPOT UNLIMITED Hosts A Night Of Live Music at West LA’s The Mint!

Posted On 16 Jan 2015
By : Leah Adams

I walked into The Mint just as Ms. Celeste was belting out an incredible rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. Her voice is sultry and hit every note with poise and perfection. I was instantly hooked and was eager to hear more. She continued to perform songs off her debut EP. I especially enjoyed her bouncy and fun “My Kinda Crazy”.
Celeste successfully engaged the audience with her 8 piece band and roof shattering vocals and I look forward to seeing where this promising star goes.
Stay tuned for my All Access Music interview with her soon!

performs at The Mint on January 12, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.



Hailing from the sandy beaches of Sunny California, Mas Tropical of the greater Los Angeles / LBC area creates tropical sounds heavily influenced by both classical and contemporary African, Caribbean and Latin rhythms and sounds. Mixing modern production with traditional instrumentation, Mas Tropical tunes are set to bring groove to the discerning dancefloor and sunny open air cook-off.




Celeste Stoney “My Kinda Crazy” #3 on Perez Hilton TV’s Newest Video List

Celeste Stoney “My Kinda Crazy” #3 on Perez Hilton TV’s Newest Video List



Celeste Stoney Mas Tropical Remix #7 Hype Machine Twitter Charts

Celeste Stoney Mas Tropical Remix #7 Hype Machine Twitter ChartsMASTropicalMixCeleste

“My Kinda Crazy” Official Release Party with Celeste Stoney

November 4, 2014 by Mary Dizon, bBooth

Celeste Stoney’s voice rang through the mic and the crowd responded in enthusiasm. As a seasoned singer, songwriter and performer, Celeste commands the stage with the grace and style of an artist that is meant to shine on stage. From the live band set-up to the pop-art featuring paintings of Celeste Stoney’s album cover, the attention to small details were a reminder that Celeste was more than just a wonderful performer; she was committed to exuding art and excellence in all that she does.bbooth-celeste-stoney

Before she performed I asked as I admired her style, “How are you? What have you been up to?” She had on a bright red dress and sky high stilettos, dressed like a classy Hollywood starlet. “I’ve been preparing for tonight!” She said with a smile that convinced you that she was the type of artist who understood the hustle of working hard to create something great.

The crowd was a mix of music industry executives, bloggers, and upcoming artists eager to see what Celeste had in store for the evening. From showcasing the official video of “My Kinda Crazy” to performing original songs including the jazzy, “Picket Fences,” and “Camouflage,” a track about the importance of being true to yourself, the night was filled with music that inspired you to dance, groove and #bOriginal.

bbooth-celeste-stoney2Are you an artist looking to shine your own talents on-stage? Whether you’re a seasoned artist like Celeste or an upcoming singer looking to have your voice bHeard, bBooth encourages to never stop dreaming and believe in your potential. Make it a goal to improve with each day, and prepare yourself for bigger and brighter stages. With our new location at Westfield Culver City, we want to encourage you to sing, perform, dance and shine with us! What are you waiting for? Come bDiscovered with bBooth!



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KCET Review – Strange Days, Boogie Nights

By Erin Aubry Kaplan | October 30, 2014

This week I went to a single release party in Hollywood. I was invited by my niece, who’s 21, finishing her last year of college, and working with Celeste Stoney, the recording artist whose single was making its debut.

I was curious to go, but reluctant. This felt like a club thing, and I haven’t been to a club — specifically, a place where people go late at night to dance to the latest, intensely digital version of disco or hip-hop and hang out — for a very long time. I’m simply too old. I don’t feel that old when it comes to most things, but clubs are a particular beast. I had visions of women standing in line outside some unmarked, cave-like place dressed in jeans and wobbly high heels and hoping to be let inside within an hour, though they’d be willing to stand for longer. I imagined bass-heavy music booming from the cave onto the street, reassuring the faithful who are eternally in search of hip that their waiting would not be in vain. Mostly, I saw single young people whose concepts of time and how to best spend it now differ entirely from mine.

For one thing, I don’t stand in lines anymore. Not that I still don’t love dancing or pop music; in some ways I’m still trying to channel my inner Beyonce — or is that Sasha Fierce? — on the dance floor and in life generally. But I confess that some pop music these days renders me profoundly indifferent, especially what’s called r & b. Much of it is melodically monotonous or too shrill, sometimes both things at once. No shading or variation. I blame it on the purely studio production of so many songs, and the lack of bands and/or artists who actually play instruments as well as sing. What black pop recording artist since Prince has even come close to the musical innovation and philosophical heft of Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder? Admittedly, in my clubgoing days in the ’80s all those groups were pretty off the scene and I was moving to the new electronica of Michael Jackson, Cameo, Ready for the World, Zapp. But the shape of funk remained. R & B was still serious business.

The club turned out to be Sadie’s Kitchen, a restaurant-cum-club on Las Palmas north of Sunset. A stone’s throw from the old offices of the L.A. Weekly, where I worked for almost a decade. Driving past the old parking lot on Las Palmas, I flashed back to those heady days of my relative youth, when the Weekly unabashedly supported progressive causes — not uncritically, but the importance of progressivism itself was assumed at the paper. The times were changing but the shape of funk remained, you could say. It’s all different now, at the Weekly (the office moved years ago to — Culver City!) and at lots of other media. Only the right-wing media sees itself as standardbearers for certain beliefs. The left media seems reluctant to bear any such standard, even in alternative media where it’s supposed to live. I felt a pang of nostalgia, and then anger when I thought about what had happened politically to us, to all of us. How the music had stopped.

Sadie’s Kitchen is a homey-sounding name for a hip, sprawling indoor/outdoor restaurant that was turned into a club for the night, complete with booming dance music and young women dressed casual/classy (that’s what the invite instructed), which meant a lot of skinny pants and high heels. People politely squeezed past each other or thronged around a bar that was too dimly lit for me to read the menu. My niece eagerly introduced me to Celeste Stoney, the woman of the evening, who seemed warm and personable. She has a striking look — about half of her head is intricately shaved, the other half is long, cascading locks. Style-wise, the best of both worlds. The crowd watched a video of her single, “My Kinda Crazy,” an infectious dance song (I found my feet moving) that showed off the kind of soaring vocal chops that Madonna always wished she’d had.

Then Stoney took to the stage to perform that song live, plus a handful of others, backed by a band, which of course I was thrilled to see. Onstage, wearing a simple dress and just about the highest heels I’ve ever seen that glittered like ruby slippers, Stoney performed tunes with similarly infectious dance beats; she’s white (she jokingly called herself “vanilla”), but quite credibly channeled the style Chaka Khan and other r & b icons. She even tackled Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” with more than decent results. Turner, she explained, was a role model of hers. I was encouraged.
My favorite was the closer, “Camouflage,” a mid-tempo rocker ballad that Stoney said was inspired by the trials of a gay friend who struggled for a long time with being completely out of the closet. Listening to that, I felt not old or out of place, but as absorbed as other people in the crowd seemed to be. Like an equal. Stoney ended the evening encouraging fans to buy the silent-auction art to support animal rescue — she’s a true activist — and I was sold. That’s a club I already belong to.

I wanted to hang out after that, especially with my niece who had travelled from Las Vegas with a friend to be there. But really, I had to leave. I was growing sleepy, thinking of traffic and of facing an early morning. Age is irrelevant, but it will also have its way.

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Erin Aubry Kaplan

Journalist and op-ed columnist Erin Aubry Kaplan’s first-person accounts of politics and identity in Los Angeles, with an eye towards the city’s African American community, appear every Thursday on KCET’s SoCal Focus blog.

Indie Tuesday: Celeste Stoney Has A Specific “Kinda Crazy” That’s Crazy Soulful

Written by The IPS in New Music & Reviews on Oct 28, 14

The plights of an indie artist are many, but it’s rare that you find one that comes so strikingly out of the gate with such a high quality to their presentation and a powerful voice and aura like Celeste Stoney. A singer/songwriter that has worked with many other talents, she’s stepped up to the mic with her indomitable voice and laced us with the explosive debut single “My Kinda Crazy”.

She hits at a good time, as soulful white chicks with big voices are in again — but not specifically American ones. The homegrown Stoney hits the microphone like a whirlwind with her powerful vocal, cute video and even more so catchy and well written song. “My Kinda Crazy” is that fun, unabashed song that comes along every once in a while that both musically and lyrically can fit in a bunch of different arenas. Her voice has such bite to it that you know there’s no airs being put on. She can really blow.

What do you think of “My Kinda Crazy”? With P!nk doing folk music, Jessie J cavorting with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, and Joss Stone nowhere to be found realistically, can Celeste fill a void in your heart and ears? Her quirky style and dedication to big songs might be what the indie market needs. She makes me miss Nikka Costa in some ways.

Her new single is available on iTunes now, or you can listen to it on Spotify below!

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Celeste Stoney Debuts Hotly Anticipated New Single, MY KINDA CRAZY, At High Profile Hollywood Event

SHERMAN OAKS, CA October 26, 2014 – Powerhouse soul vocalist, award winning songwriter and record label CEO Celeste Stoney officially released her highly anticipated debut single, My Kinda Crazy to all major digital and streaming outlets on October 21st. Selling out the Los Angeles House of Blues twice and appearing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, she ignites every stage she plays and engages new audiences with her 8 piece band and roof shattering vocals.

Celeste has the music industry buzzing, and on Monday, October 27th, Celeste celebrated the release of My Kinda Crazy by debuting her music video and performing a showcase for over 200 music industry executives, A&R scouts and members of the press at Sadie Kitchen & Lounge in Hollywood. Sponsored by global creative network World Arts Media, the social media exposure from the event alone reached 500K+ people through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Renowned LA artists did pop art paintings of the single that were auctioned off, with a portion of the proceeds going to START Rescue, an LA based, non-profit that saves thousands of animals in SoCal’s high kill shelters. Other notable sponsors included Mr. Pinks Ginseng Drink, Just Pure Foods, Los Angeles Film School, Peermusic, Health-Ade, Next2Shine and Essential Living Foods.

After earning a platinum record as a teenager with Ja Rule, shes since appeared on tracks with Nas and Raekwon. Celeste took time away from the spotlight to cultivate herself as a songwriter, and signed to global independent music publisher, Peermusic in 2013, penning songs for other successful artists, TV and film. As industry executives were impressed by her demos and impeccable talent, her passion for artistry was rekindled. Celeste founded the label, Level Music Entertainment, in June of 2014.

Inspired by classic icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna, shes described by CNN as a female that brings true music back… her soulful but edgy music brings people to their feet. Next2Shine, the highly influential taste making blog that has discovered past talent like Sam Smith, Mindless Behavior and Karmin, describe her powerfully articulate vocals [and] on-stage heart-on-the-sleeve passion [as] what marks her out as one to watch. Celeste strives for and loves that organic sound, that real music, that feel good music. The throwback feel of her debut single, combined with modern shimmering pop hooks, is not only current and relevant to 2014s pop music trends, but also the perfect embodiment of her style and sound.

Her refreshingly positive image strikes a chord with critics and fans alike. I want to keep it classy. I want to change the status of what makes a woman sexy. I want to be a role model for young girls to look up to.

Celeste Stoneys My Kinda Crazy single is available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. The single is also available for streaming through Spotify, Rhapsody and all other major outlets. The music video for the single will be available on VIMEO and Youtube. She has a substantial following on Instagram (@CelesteStoney) Facebook ( and Twitter (@CelesteStoney). Her website,, features her biography, song snippets, EPK, concert dates, merchandise and more.

Press Contact: 877-310-7358

14444 Magnolia Blvd Suite 205
Sherman Oaks, CA 91204

LEVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, an independent record label, was officially founded and incorporated in California in June 2014 by Celeste Stoney. The label consists of a dedicated team of over a dozen people handling advertising, booking, PR, social media, event sponsorship, and sales.

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I Heart Moosiq

If you’re a fan of deeply infectious, soulful pop music, look no further, because Southern Californian Celeste Stoney is here with her incredibly hooking and vivacious debut single My Kinda Crazy. Celeste was an American Idol finalist back in one of the early seasons, and she’s a very talented singer songwriter. Her voice is full of power and passion. My Kinda Crazy immediately reminds me of P!nk and Jessie J with its sassy attitude, all the while displaying some of her Sam Smith like incredible vocal range, oozing endless affable charm. The song released this week on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. I’m also very fond of her live cover of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. Watch an audience video of her performance of the cover from her House of Blues show back in late August, and get ready to be blown away. She’s got some crazy chops and style!

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